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Dick n Jane

Dick n Jane has had an incredible cast of musicians and characters over the years but some things still remain the same. Rockin your pants off is what we do best! 

Shayna Micol

// lead singer


2001 - Raw and unbridled energy with powerful  stratospheric-like vocals are what makes Shayna simply AWESOME!

Mark Carey

// lead singer/guitar


2001-  A thorn between two amazing singers, adding a few key harmonies and banging out some rhythm guitar bits. 

Lori Regan

// lead singer


2007- Lori's bluesy, r&b, pop, sultry vocals will make you melt while adding sweet and tasty harmonies!

Jim Bacon

// drums


2021-  ​Once again, Jim also locks down the beat to keep YOU on the dance floor all night!.

Rob Murphy

// singer/bass


2001-  What can you say about the grandf... I mean Godfather of cover bands. Ya just can't keep Rob still while he slaps dat bass

Sean Keys

// keyboards


2018-  From Bohemian Rhapsody to Uptown Funk, Sean keeps you guessing and asking, is this real life?

Brian Joyce

// lead guitar


2018-  Straight from Ireland and now shedding lead guitar for us. Brian is amazing on Guitar. That is all!

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